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Matthew Kroot

Matthew Kroot

Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer

Matthew Kroot is an archaeologist who works primarily in West Africa and the Middle East. He specializes in stone artifact and animal bone analysis. His primary theoretical interest is in the connections between shifts in political and economic organization in autonomous village communities. He is currently the director of the ‘Assal-Dhra’ Archaeological Project in west-central Jordan and co-director of the Bandafassi Regional Archaeological Project in southeastern Senegal. The former examines transformations in property rights during the transition from primarily foraging economies to farming ones about 10,0000 years ago in the Early Neolithic of the Middle East. The latter is focused on the transformation of political power within village-based communities over the last few centuries, during the Atlantic slave trade and European colonization of West Africa. Matthew has also conducted archaeological work throughout the United States, including in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Michigan, and New York.


Anthropology 4: Vanished Peoples and Lost Civilizations
Anthropology 11A/12A: Peace and Violence
Anthropology 189: North American Prehistory


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Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae