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Sangeeta Luthra

Sangeeta Luthra
Sangeeta Luthra

Sangeeta Luthra is a cultural anthropologist.  Her interests include feminist and critical theory, political and civil society engagement, political economies of development, and globalization studies.  Her research on women’s empowerment and development focused on non-governmental organizations in urban northern India in the 1990s. Currently she is engaged in ethnographic research on post 9/11 political activism and institution building in the Sikh American community. She is a contributing writer and member of the editorial board of The Sikh Love Stories Project.  In addition to teaching and research Sangeeta is a volunteer in her community and in Bay Area South Asian cultural associations.

  • Anthropology 3: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Anthropology 90: Cross-Cultural Studies of Women
  • Anthropology 110: Anthropological Theory
  • Anthropology 172: Anthropology of Aging
  • Anthropology 150: Anthropology of Religion
  • Anthropology 152: Political Anthropology