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Alumni Stories

Nicole Mathwich '12

I received my bachelors in Anthropology from Santa Clara in 2012, and am now a Ph.D. candidate in archaeology at the University of Arizona School of Anthropology. Currently, I work as interim lab manager at the Arizona State Museum Stanley J. Olsen Laboratory of Zooarchaeology and care for over 4,000 vertebrate skeletal specimens. My research is on Spanish colonial sites in southern Arizona and northern Sonora. I became fascinated by the Spanish colonial period while working at the SCU Archaeology Research Lab and excavating indigenous mission-period living quarters in the parking lot next to The Hut with Dr. Panich. My specialty is the study of animals bones from archaeological contexts, or zooarchaeology, and it combines my interest in the relationship between humans and the environment, first sparked in the classrooms in O'Connor at Santa Clara University.

Nicole Mathwich in the zooarchaeology lab at the University of Arizona.