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Department ofBiology

Biology Major

Major Requirements

In addition to completing the University Core Curriculum and College requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree, students majoring in Biology must complete the following departmental requirements:

1. Bio 1A, 1B, & 1C

2. Biology majors are required to take a minimum of seven upper-division biology courses, including at least five with a laboratory. Most students choose to declare an emphasis in one of three sub-disciplines: Biomedical, Cell & Molecular Biology, or Ecology & Evolution. Alternatively Biology majors may declare that they will follow an Integrative Biology plan, in which they choose their upper division courses to create a logical and focused plan of study. This course plan must be developed in consultation with their Biology faculty advisor.
Please see your advisor or the handout entitled
Requirements for the Biology Major New Core 2013 Grad for details.

or Requirements for 2010-2012 grad

Requirements for the Biology Major 2015 and forward.

3. CHEM 11, 12, 13, 31 & 32 (CHEM 33 suggested)

4. PHYS 11, 12, 13 or PHYS 31, 32, 33

5. MATH 11, 12. (MATH 9 is a suitable introduction to MATH 11 for students preparing for calculus. However, units earned in MATH 9 DO NOT APPLY toward the total units required for graduation.)

6. In addition, the following courses may be required for admission to graduate or professional schools and provide a more thorough foundation in mathematics and chemistry. CHEM 33, CHEM 141, MATH 8, MATH 13.