Department ofBiology


Many companies have internship opportunities, but not formal programs. In this case, try sending a cover letter and résumé directly to the company Human Resources office.

The following is a list of companies where the relevant information can be found. All company information has been modified from information available on the respective web sites.

  • Affymax

    Affymax has offices in both Santa Clara and Palo Alto. Their work focuses on streamlining the drug discovery process through the application of miniaturized assays and high throughput drug synthesis and screening technologies.

  • Genelabs Technologies, Inc.

    Located in Redwood City, Genelabs Technologies is a global biopharmaceutical and diagnostics company focused on gene-regulating drug discovery.

  • Genencor International Inc.

    Located in Palo Alto, Genecor develops, manufactures and markets innovative enzymes and other biocatalysts that make industrial processes more efficient and reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment.

  • Genentech, Inc.

    Located in South San Francisco, Genentech uses human genetic information to develop, manufacture and market pharmaceuticals that address significant medical needs.

  • Gilead Sciences

    Located in Foster City, works toward advancing novel treatment solutions for challenging human diseases through the creation of antivirals, antifungals, antibiotics, as well as a medicines to treat cancer.

  • Protein Design Labs

    Protein Design Labs is a leader in the development of humanized monoclonal antibodies to treat various disease conditions.

  • Roche

    Roche is a global leader in diagnostics and one of the world's top ten pharmaceutical companies, playing a leading role in therapeutic areas such as cancer, virology and transplantation.

  • Tularik Inc.

    Tularik Inc. is engaged in the discovery and development of a broad range of novel drugs that act through the regulation of gene expression.