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Department ofBiology


Ángel L. Islas
Associate Professor


B.S. – Biochemistry, University of California, Davis

Ph.D. – Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University

Postdoctoral Fellow – Department of Pathology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford University

Postdoctoral Fellow – Laboratory of Radiobiology and Environmental Health, University of California, San Francisco


  • BIOL 1C Systems Biology
  • BIOL 175 Molecular Biology
  • BIOL 177 Biotechnology Lab II: Gene Expression & Protein Purification
  • BIOL 179 Cancer Biology


Our lab studies the role of DNA polymerases on damaged or discontinuous DNA/RNA templates. We examine a variety of DNA polymerases including human DNA polymerases and telomerase; eubacterial and archaeal DNA polymerases; and viral replicases and reverse transcriptases. The work addresses questions on the origin of mutations and the mechanisms of viral replication in humans.