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Faculty & Staff

Faculty Mentors

Students are assigned faculty mentors who guide them through the course of their study. The following is a partial list of participating faculty.

Rose Marie Beebe, Modern Languages
Luis Calero, S.J. Anthropology
Paul Crowley, S.J., Religious Studies
Alma Garcia, Sociology
Blake de Maria, Art History
Jerald Enos, Theatre
Ron Hansen, English
Eric Hanson, Political Science
John Hawley, English
Arthur Liebscher, S.J., History
Teresa McCollough, Music
Kathleen Maxwell, Art History
Timothy O’Keefe, History
Andrea Pappas, Art History
Frederick Parrella, Religious Studies
Mark Ravizza, S.J., Philosophy
Thomas Plante, Psychology
Joe Sands, S.J., Political Science
Robert Senkewicz, History
Paul Soukup, S.J. Communication
Keith Warner, OFM, Environmental Studies
Michael Zampelli, S.J., Theatre