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Department ofChemistry and Biochemistry


Chi Nguyen, Class of 2005

From Chi Nguyen:  After a circuitous path, I earned a master of science (2005) and doctorate (2016) in chemistry from the University of California Santa Barbara.  The educational opportunities were through the Army's fully funded Advanced Civil Schooling program.  I now serve as faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Life Science, United States Military Academy.

I did not realize these educational opportunities were available when I graduated from SCU and subsequently earned a commission in the Army as a second lieutenant in 1997.  If you have students in the department who are in ROTC, aspire to earning graduate degrees, and have questions on how to pursue those goals, please have them contact me. 

In addition, now that I am an educator, I reflect a lot on my time at SCU.  My undergraduate experience really shaped how I interact and engage with students when I was a graduate student mentoring undergrads and now as faculty educating, mentoring, developing, and training Cadets.  Dr. Shachter's time and commitment to broadening my exploration of the sciences through undergraduate research made a significant impression on me.  Even when I was not excelling in coursework, I felt I was contributing to something awesome and exciting.  Dr. Shachter was really patient in explaining concepts to me, and on several occasions, probably explained the same concept more than once.  In the classroom and in the lab environment, I was very fortunate to have great role models and dedicated educators, such as Dr. Shachter, Dr. Brunauer, Dr. McNelis, Dr. Yee, Dr. Nathan, Dr. Hoggard, and Mrs. Thomas.