Department ofChemistry and Biochemistry

stories - through Feb 2016

  • Stokes' Lab

    This fall, Dr. Grace Stokes joined our department and is setting up a powerful nanosecond pulsed laser system.

  • Fuller's Lab

    Fuller lab researchers presented their work at on-campus and off-campus events this past year. Brett Yurash and Courtney Holmes, traveled to Dallas, TX in March.

  • Abbyad's Lab

    In the Chemistry & Biochemistry lab of Paul Abbyad

  • Michael A. Sweeney Endowed Award

    The Dr. Michael A. Sweeney Endowed Award in Chemistry and Biochemistry endowment is being established to honor and remember Dr. Michael A. Sweeney, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Santa Clara University, where he taught for 46 years.

  • Dr. David Russell

    Genentech Research and Early Development, "Structure Elucidation in a Pharmaceutical World”
    January 29, 2016

  • Dr. J. Bennett Addison

    UC Davis, "Solid–State NMR Characterization of Silk-Based Biopolymers – A Web of Knowledge"
    February 5, 2016

  • Eric Tillman was just awarded a three-year $70,000 grant by the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund to support his lab's project entitled "Stereoregular Vinyl Polymers Prepared by Reversible-Deactivation Radical Polymerization".