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Abbyad Lab Students

Abbyad Lab Students

Abbyad's Lab

In the Chemistry & Biochemistry lab of Paul Abbyad

It has been a busy year in the Abbyad lab. The lab’s research focuses on the use of microfluidic devices for biological and chemical assays. We have made much progress in the past year with new projects and activities. We have been busy in the microfabrication room, transforming gallons of PDMS polymer sludge to brand new chips to study cells and chemical reactions. Our lab has expanded significantly and we welcome several new members: Daniel Horvath ( ’17), Rachel Law (’17), Julia Balough (’16), Erik Littau (’17), and Sara Boye (’15).

We are happy to announce that our research work culminated in the lab’s first paper in the journal Lab on a Chip:

Tullis J; Park, C.L.; Abbyad, P (2014) Selective fusion of anchored droplets via changes in surfactant concentration Lab on a Chip, 14, 3285-3289.

Santa Clara undergrads, Jon Tullis (’14) and Chong Park (’14), are authors on the paper and provided all the experimental data in the publication.

Several undergraduate researchers have presented their work at conferences this year. The lab presented two oral presentations at the Northern California Undergraduate Research Symposium by the American Chemical Society held at the University of San Francisco in May. Casandra Sowash (’15) and Cedar Smith (’15) presented their work on gel arrays, and Jon Tullis (’14) and Chong Park (’14) presented their work on controlled droplet fusion. We also presented two abstracts, one oral presentation and one poster, at the international microfluidics conference, microTAS, held in October in San Antonio, Texas.

We held our end of the year get-together under the shade of our avocado tree. The group showed great teamwork as they recovered several fruit from the lofty branches. Lastly, we want to congratulate the recent SCU graduates from the lab, Julia Nguyen, Jon Tullis and Chong Park. We are sad to see them leave lab but look forward to hear about the adventures and successes after SCU.

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