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Fuller Lab Members

Fuller Lab Members

Fuller's Lab

This past year has been an exciting one for the Fuller lab! I was awarded tenure and promoted to Associate Professor! So, the Fuller lab will continue our work on peptoids here at SCU for the foreseeable future. We welcomed one new member to the lab this fall, Vikrum Jain. Vik is helping us learn biology and evaluate some of the possible biological activity of some of the compounds we’ve made in the lab. In return, we’re teaching him some chemistry. In addition, we welcomed Gregory Gate, SCU class of 2014, to the lab as a research technician. Greg will be in the lab most of this year and is making great progress so far. He did research with Prof. Suljak before he graduated, and we’re grateful to have his skill and leadership in our lab now. On the outgoing side, we said farewell to two graduates this year, Courtney Holmes and Brett Yurash. Courtney is off to study pharmacy and Brett is starting in the graduate program in chemistry at UC Santa Barbara. Best of luck to both of you in your future studies!

Fuller lab researchers presented their work at on-campus and off-campus events this past year. Brett Yurash and Courtney Holmes, traveled to Dallas, TX in March for the National meeting of the American Chemical Society, and both presented posters on their work. Courtney and Brett also presented at the Sigma Xi poster session on campus. Fuller lab members attended the ACS National Meeting in August in San Francisco. Alberto Ortega (’15) and Kyra McComas (’16) presented a poster, and I gave a talk. Kyra McComas from our lab also deserves special recognition for being awarded the Johnson Leadership Award here at SCU. This is a very competitive award, and her recognition at the University level is well-deserved.

I got to meet up with Kanwal Palla (’11) and Paul Bruno (’10) at the ACS meeting in San Francisco in August. Both are busily working to finish up their PhD research, and I’m excited to hear what great things they’ll do after graduate school. In other alumni news, Erik Schaumann has started in the graduate program in chemistry at the University of Chicago. Best of luck to Erik there!

Outside of the lab, it was also an eventful year—my husband and I expanded our family to include one more little girl, Valerie. Maybe she’ll be a chemist too...

Other news: New course in Medicinal Chemistry

Professor Fuller taught a new course this fall quarter, CHEM 194 Special Topics: Medicinal Chemistry. In its first offering, 34 student majors and minors in chemistry and biochemistry enrolled for elective credit. The objective of the course is to introduce students to the process by which drugs are discovered. The course began with a brief introduction to the history of drug development and regulation. Students then learned how drugs interact with biomolecules and systems within the body to cause both desired and undesired effects. These considerations allow students to compare and evaluate how specific molecular features influence a drug’s efficacy. Throughout the course, students examine several case studies from the medicinal chemistry literature that illustrate how the principles of medicinal chemistry have been applied to clinical candidates. In addition to the typical coursework, three guest lecturers from different companies in the pharmaceutical industry have visited the class to share their work and professional perspectives with the students.

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