Department ofClassics


In addition to fulfilling University Core Curriculum requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree, students majoring in classics must complete the departmental requirements for each degree track option.

Approved classics courses include all classes (including cross-listed courses) with a CLAS prefix, as well as courses in other departments such as ARTH 104, 106, 110; ARTH 152 may also count for the Ancient Studies Track; PHIL 14, 141; POLI 111.  Other courses in the ancient worlds may count as well -- consult with the Department Chair of Classics before enrolling.  With the approval of the Chair, a classical language class may be substituted for a non-language course.

Classical Languages and Literatures Track Requirements:

  • Nine upper-division courses in the language of concentration
  • First-year proficiency in the both classical languages
  • CLAS 197A and CLAS 197B


Classical Studies Track Requirements:

  • Six courses in either Latin or Greek, which may include the elementary sequence (but not both sequences).
  • Six Classics courses, at least four of which must be upper-division.
  • CLAS 197A and CLAS 197B

Ancient Studies Track Requirements:

  • CLAS 60 or 61
  • Eleven classics courses, at least seven of which must be upper-division
  • CLAS 197A and CLAS 197B