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Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of the Communication major our students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate understanding of the processes of communication.

1. Objective: Students are able to recognize and define key variables and concepts in the human communication process

2. Apply communication skills in a variety of interpersonal and mediated communication contexts.

1. Objective: Demonstrate ability to work in groups.
2. Objective: Demonstrate appropriate skills in speaking, writing, video, computer-mediated, or relational communication.

3. Engage with and reflect upon the personal, social,4and ethical consequences of communication.

1. Objective: Discern the social impact of communication on diverse, local, and global communities
2. Objective: Learn social consequences of communication in active engagement with others.
3. Objective: Apply ethical analysis to the communication process.
4. Objective: Propose how communication can contribute to social change.

4. Demonstrate communication-related service to diverse communities.

1. Objective: Students participate in and reflect upon service-learning projects.

5. Apply communication-related theories, concepts, and methods to contemporary issues and everyday life.

1. Objective: Synthesize and evaluate communication research, methods, and theories
2. Objective: Demonstrate ability to conduct independent or directed research.

6. Create messages that are informed by communication theory and research.

1. Objective: Students produce messages that are grounded in communication research and theory.
2. Objective: Students assess audiences and adapt messages appropriately.