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Affiliated Faculty

Bonita Banducci

By sustaining a community of scholars and fostering research, the Critical Gender Studies Research Initiative seeks to expand possibilities for understanding gender in ways that promote equity, diversity and social change.

Invitation to Affiliate

If you conduct research or creative work related to gender, sex, or sexuality, you are welcome to join our supportive community. Please complete the form below and email it to

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CGS Faculty and Staff


Naomi Andrews

Assistant Professor, History
French history; Gender and imperialism; Gender and intellectual history

Kathy Aoki

Associate Professor, Art and Art History
Feminism; Mockumentary; Pop culture; Visual allegory

Bonita Banducci

Lecturer, Women's and Gender Studies 
Gender and Engineering

Sherry Booth

Senior Lecturer, English
Environment; Sustainability; Ecofeminist theory

Jimia Boutouba

Assistant Professor, French and Francophone Studies
Modern Languages and Literatures

Michelle Burnham

Professor, English
Global studies; imperialism; colonialism; transcultural contact and exchange; indigenous studies

Patricia Cain

Professor, Law
LGBT civil rights; Feminist legal theory

Juliana Chang

Assoiate Professor, English
Asian American Literature, Critical Race Theory

Marilyn Edelstein

Associate Professor, English
Feminist theory; Race and gender; Ethics and gender; Contemporary U.S. Women Writers

Laura L. Ellingson

Associate Professor, Communication & Women's and Gender Studies
Feminist Research Methods; Communication & Gender; Gender & Health Communication; Aunts; Chosen Family

Eileen Razzari Elrod

Professor, English & Women's and Gender Studies
Early America; Religion; Autobiograph

Janet Flammang

Professor Emerita, Political Science
Women and politics; Gender and food

Linda Garber

Associate Professor, Women's and Gender Studies
Lesbian; Queer; Literature; Feminism; Historical fiction

John Hawley

Professor, Chair, English
Postcolonial; Queer; Gay

Mythri Jegathesan

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Barbara Kelley

Senior Lecturer, Communication; Director of Journalism Emphasis
Feminism; Career; Work-life balance; Women in transition; Second shift

Sharmila Lodhia

Assistant Professor, Women's and Gender Studies
Transnational Feminisms; Violence Against Women; Women’s Advocacy and Activism; Postcolonial Legal Studies; Critical Race Theory

Catherine Murphy

Associate Professor, Religious Studies
New Testament; Early Christianity; Economics; Roman Empire

Aparajita Nanda

Senior Lecturer, English
Motherhood; Grief; Trauma; Re-memory; Multiple-story-telling

Andrea Pappas

Associate Professor, Art and Art History
American women artists

Amy Randall

Associate Professor, History
Gender; Sexuality; Soviet Union; Post-Stalin Era

Sreela Sarkar

Assistant Professor, Communication
Gender, Technology and Development in Global Delhi

David Skinner

Professor, History

Nancy Unger

Associate Professor, History
American women's history; American LGBTQ history; Progressive Era women and gender; Women and gender in environmental history

Stephanie Wildman

Professor, Law; Director, Center for Social Justive and Public Service
Gender; Race; Privilege; Classroom dynamics