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Amy Randall

Associate Professor, History

Phone: (408) 551-1778

Current Work

I am currently researching gender and sexuality in the Soviet Union in the post-Stalin era (from approximately 1955-1970) – e.g., changing ideas about fatherhood, reproductive policies, sexual education, etc.

My earlier work includes a gendered analysis of Soviet retail trade and consumption in the 1930s. See in particular chapters 3-7.


Representative Publications

″Soviet Masculinities: Guest Editor's Introduction," Russian Studies in History (forthcoming, 2012).

″`Abortion Will Deprive You of Happiness!': Soviet Reproductive Politics in the Post-Stalin Era,"The Journal of Women's History 23:3 (2011): 13-38.

″The "Right" to Control Her Own Body?:Soviet Women, Abortion and the State," an online essay for the Journal of Women's History (at editors' request) for their new web initiative, "Beyond the Printed Page," September 2011.

″Repealing the Ban on Abortion," an invited essay, plus primary document translations ("Repeal of the Ban on Abortion," "For you, Comrade Men") and selection of Soviet illustrations forSeventeen Moments in History (, an award winning on-line collection of primary source materials and academic writings on Soviet history edited by James von Geldern and Lewis Siegelbaum, Summer 2010.

The Soviet Dream World of Retail Trade and Consumption in the 1930s (Basingstoke, UK and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, October/November 2008) – especially chapters 3-7.

″Legitimizing Soviet Trade: Gender and the Feminization of the Retail Workforce in the Soviet 1930s," Journal of Social History 37:4 (Summer 2004): 965-990.