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Jimia Boutouba

Assistant Professor, French and Francophone Studies

Phone: (408) 554-5176

Current Work

My scholarly work has arisen from my long-standing interests in cross-cultural encounters,minority discourses and in the intersections of political and cultural histories. It is interdisciplinary in nature, located at the crossroads between cultural studies and the analysis of literary and filmic texts. Focusing majorly on the intertwined histories of North Africa and France, I have explored works by Francophone women writers and filmmakers, examining the way their narratives address the violent legacies of the past and counteract the competitive discourses and practices of power to carve a new space of representation. I study their work through the critical discourse of performance (the performance of the past, memory, gender and race).  

The other major part of my research focuses on the articulation between race, gender and national representation in contemporary France. In particular, it explores how children born in France to North African immigrants redefine national belonging and enact new ways of relating to and imagining communities from within the French Republican tradition. 

I am committed to advocating this work in all my areas of teaching as a matter of social justice issue.

Representative Publications

"The Mudawana Syndrome: Gender Trouble in Contemporary Morocco," Research in African Literatures. 45:1 (Winter 2014): 24-38.

"Rupturing Otherness, Fashioning the Self: The Aesthetics and Politics of Self-Transformation in Sakinna Boukhedenna's Journal Nationalité: Immigré(e)," French Cultural Studies. 24:4 (November 2013):  441-448. 

"Les Enfants de l'ombre: Dalila Kerchouche. Leila: Avoir dix-ans dans un camp de harkis," Expressions Maghrébines. 12:2 (Winter 2013): 28-38. 

"Femmes d'images et images de femmes: Parcours féminins et culture visuelle au Maghreb."Nouvelles Etudes Francophones. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. 27:1 (Spring 2012): 145-162.  

"Remembering the Other War," Francophone Women Facing War.  Allison, Fell, ed. Modern French Identities Series. V67. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2009. 229-242. 

"La République des Lettres: Ses écrivains, ses critiques, ses limites," Revue du Gerflint: Synergies Monde Arabe, ISSN:1766-2796. V4 (2007). 149-159.

"Captive Bodies, Silent Stories: Moufida Tlatli's Silences of the Palace," in Phoebe: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Feminist Scholarship and Theory, SUNY Oneonta. 14:1-2 (Spring & Fall 2002): 1-7.