Sherry Booth

Senior Lecturer, English

Phone: (650) 207-5394

Current Work

Ecofeminist theory analyzes the interconnections between women, non-human others, and the natural world. It is interdisciplinary and approaches to the topic are multiple, including social justice, environmental degradation, race and ethnicity as they intersect with colonialism and environmental degradation. My work focuses on some of the ways contemporary women writers address environmental issues in their writing as well as a focus on education for sustainability as I teach a course in Environmental Studies department, a directed research for first-year students who research some aspect of sustainability on campus.

Representative Publications

"Metaphor, Process, and Agency: Rethinking Women and Nature."
Forthcoming.Collection titled Process: Landscape and Text edited by Prof. Adeline Johns-Putra and Catherine Brace Leyshon in the "Spatial Practices" series at Rodolphi (Amsterdam and New York).

Book review (invited) of El Lobo: Readings on the Mexican Gray Wolf. Tom Lynch, ed. Salt Lake city: u of Utah P, 2005.Review in Western American Literature: Fall 2007 (42.3) 322-23.

"Falling Off the Edge of the World: History and Gender in Daphne Marlatt'sAna Historic." Metahistory and Metanarrative in Contemporary Women's Writing. Eds. Mark Llewellyn and Ann Heilmann London: Palgrave P, 2007.