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Environmental Studies & Sciences

The Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences offers interdisciplinary programs of study leading to a bachelor of science in environmental science or environmental studies. A minor in environmental studies is also available. These programs provide students with the intellectual foundation they will need in addressing crucial environmental challenges of the 21st century such as human population growth, urban sprawl, deforestation, global climate change, waste disposal, air and water pollution, loss of biodiversity, and the need for renewable energy.

Riparian forests covered with woody vines in a Sacramento River slough. Photo by Virginia Matzek.

Matzek wins grants totaling $110K

Funding will support development of metrics for habitat quality and carbon quantification

Ecosystem functioning lags the recovery of plant communities, new study finds

Student researchers assist Virginia Matzek study the Sacramento River

ESS and Biology major Sean Reilly '16 wins Orella Prize

The Orella Prize is given for academic achievement at the college level

2016 awards

ESS community service, research, and academic excellence awards announced at senior send-off

ESS recognizes the accomplishments of Paloma Sisneros-Lobato, Lauren Cloward, Claire Parchem, and Sean Reilly.

ESS senior Blair Libby wins the 2016 Lucky Hinkle Sustainability Award

Blair was recognized for his exemplary leadership and involvement with numerous units and campaigns promoting sustainability on campus.

Congratulations Chris, Virginia, and Leslie!

ESS faculty members Chris Bacon, Virginia Matzek, and Leslie Gray were recently awarded tenure and/or a promotion.