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Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences

Daria Siciliano

Daria Siciliano
Daria Siciliano

Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer

Ph.D., University of California Santa Cruz

B.S., University of California Santa Barbara

Daria is a marine ecologist with research expertise in tropical coastal conservation.   She has worked extensively in coral reef systems, using geochemical proxies in coral carbonates to assess how global and local processes affect the reefs, contributing her research toward management strategies aimed at mitigating anthropogenic effects on these fragile ecosystems.  Daria has led marine biodiversity assessments and coastal management projects in the insular Pacific (Marshall Islands, Northwest Hawaiian islands, Fiji, Line Islands, Papua New Guinea), the Caribbean (Cuba and Venezuela), as well as on the temperate coasts of California and France. Working at the intersection of science and policy, Daria also used science diplomacy as a tool to advance multinational collaborations to manage shared marine and coastal resources sustainably. In Cuba, for example, she built strong partnerships between Cuban and American scientists and policymakers, which culminated in the first international management agreements in over half a century between two countries lacking formal diplomatic ties. She received her PhD in Ocean Sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz and an undergraduate degree in Aquatic Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.



ENVS 5: My Environment

ENVS 153: Conservation Science

ENVS 197: Oceanography

ENVS 101: Capstone Seminar