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Joanna Ahlum

Joanna Ahlum

Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer

Office: Varsi Hall 221
Phone: 1-408-551-3083

Teaching and Research Vision

At its heart, I believe education occurs within and for community. To that end, I strive to provide space for students to bring their whole selves into the classroom, lab, or garden in order to create a vibrant learning community. Rather than a factory where knowledge moves down an assembly line and exits as rows of neatly packaged boxes, I think education more closely resembles a diverse farm where many elements work to guide and shape the growth and development process. My ongoing experiences as a learner continue to offer compelling evidence that education is most transformative when our mind and heart engage in academic pursuits as a united front.

I am interested in exploring how cultivating and maintaining a connection between humans and the natural world can be beneficial, and perhaps essential, to both. As our population becomes increasingly urbanized, it seems as though a sense of place informed by the past and desirous of a sustainable future will be of growing concern. This has led me to a particular interest in the nexus of biodiversity conservation, experiential learning, and agriculture. 


ENVS 21: Intro to Applied Ecology (L & L)

ENVS 23: Intro to Earth Systems (L & L)

ENVS 131: Environmental Education

ENVS 132: Agroecology

Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae