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Calling All Baja Alumni for a Challenge

This challenge goes out to the alumni of the nine expeditions from the “Juanito Era.” (aka Dr. Farnsworth)

Our Baja California Natural History course and Spring break adventure has been transformational for many of our ESS students. While we have been fairly successful over the years keeping the costs of the Baja program down, it still creates a financial burden that some students simply cannot afford. To help with this, a new Baja scholarship fund has been founded. ESS has seeded the program with $1,000 from the departmental gift fund, and this amount has been matched by the College of Arts and Sciences. The good news is that we’re starting off with $2,000; the bad news is that we’re only halfway there.

The mayor of Isla Juanito, Dr. Farnsworth himself, has just announced that if the 144 alumni who attended expeditions Uno through Nueve can collectively come up with a thousand dollars, he will match that amount. 

Are you up for the challenge? If so, you can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Baja Scholarship fund at this link. Be sure to include the word “Baja” in the *Description* box.

Spread the word. Give something back. Credit cards accepted. Todos bien.