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Companion Major


The department offers both a minor and a companion major in ethnic studies: a student must declare a primary major in another discipline and a second companion major in ethnic studies. The companion major is designed to complement a student's primary major by broadening the field of study to include an academic focus on race/ethnicity. It enhances a student's employment opportunities in business, education, law, medicine, social work, and government. The major provides a foundation for graduate studies for students who plan to become university professors and researchers with a specialization in ethnic studies.

Course Requirements

The Major consists of a total of twelve (12) courses or 54-56 quarter units. Students must complete 4 lower-division courses, 7 upper-division courses, and the capstone (ETHN 199) to fulfill the requirements of the Major.

Lower Division requirement:

1. Ethnic Studies 5 - Introduction to the Study of Race and Ethnicity in the United States

2. Two (2) of the following Ethnic Studies courses:

Ethnic Studies 10 - Introduction to Native American Studies
Ethnic Studies 20 - Introduction to Chicano/a Studies
Ethnic Studies 30 - Introduction to African American Studies
Ethnic Studies 40 - Introduction to Asian American Studies

3. One (1) of the following Breadth Electives:

Anthropology 86 - Native American Cultures
Anthropology 90 - Cross-Cultural Study of Women and Gender
Dance 62 - African American Dance History I
English 35 - African American Literature
English 36 - Chicana/Chicano Literature
English 37 - Native American Literature
English 38 - Asian American Literature
English 39 - Multicultural Literature of the United States
English 69 - Literatures by Women Writers of Color
Ethnic Studies 50 - Introduction to Filipino American Studies
Ethnic Studies 51 - Introduction to South Asian American Studies
Ethnic Studies 55 - Cross-Racial Electoral Politics
Ethnic Studies 60 - Intro to Journalism: focus on American Diversity, Multiracial Identities & Communities
Ethnic Studies 65 - Drama of Diversity
Ethnic Studies 70 - Multicultural Literature of the United States
Ethnic Studies 75 - Iranian American Women Writers
Ethnic Studies 80 - Intro to the Study of Muslim & Arabic Americans in the US
Ethnic Studies 95 - African American Independent Filmmakers
Ethnic Studies 96 - Race, Class, & Culture through Film
Music 20 - Music in American Culture I
Religious Studies 88 - Native Spiritual Traditions
Theatre 14 - Chicana/Chicano Theatre
Theatre 65 - Multicultural Theatre
Upper Division requirement:

1. Four (4) of the following Ethnic Studies courses:

Ethnic Studies 112 - Native Peoples of United States & Mexico
Ethnic Studies 120 - Mexican Immigration to the United States
Ethnic Studies 121 - Chicana/Chicano Families
Ethnic Studies 122 - Chicana/Chicano Community
Ethnic Studies 123 - The Chicana/o Exerience
Ethnic Studies 125 - Latinas/os in the U.S.
Ethnic Studies 126 - Latina/o Immigrant Detention & Incorporation in the Age of Terrorism
Ethnic Studies 127 - Race and Mass Incarceration
Ethnic Studies 133 - Malcolm and Martin
Ethnic Studies 134 - Black Social Movements
Ethnic Studies 135 - African Americans in Postwar Film
Ethnic Studies 141 - Asian American Women
Ethnic Studies 142 - Asian American Communities
Ethnic Studies 144 - Asian Americans in the Media
Ethnic Studies 149 - Civil Rights and Anti-Colonial Movements
Ethnic Studies 152 - Multi-Racial Identities
Ethnic Studies 153 - Minority Politics in the U.S.
Ethnic Studies 154 - Women of Color in the U.S.
Ethnic Studies 155 - Racism in the United States
Ethnic Studies 157 - Race, Gender, Class & the College Experience
Ethnic Studies 161 - Creating Diverse College Going Community
Ethnic Studies 163 - Multiracial Community in Central California
Ethnic Studies 165 - Community Based Research Methods
Ethnic Studies 172 - Whiteness Studies in the 21st Century
Ethnic Studies 178 - Race and World War II
Ethnic Studies 185 - Senior Seminar in Racial and Ethnic Politics
Ethnic Studies 194 - Peer Educator in Ethnic Studies
Ethnic Studies 197 - Special Topics

2. Three (3) courses outside of Ethnic Studies:

Anthropology 146 - Perspectives on the Spanish & Native American Experience
Art History 141 - Native American Art: California and the Pacific Northwest
Communication 107 - Intercultural Communication
Communication 121A - Diversity and the Media
Dance 162 - African American Dance History II
Economics 155 - Economics of Immigration
English 130 - Studies in African American Literature
English 134 - Studies in Contemporary American Literature
English 139 - Dangerous Border Crossers
English 140 - Studies in Chicana/Chicano Literature
English 155 - Studies in Asian American Literature
English 158 - Studies in Native American Literature
English 166 - Pan-African Literature
History 153 - Civil Rights and Anti-Colonial Movements
History 178 - Race and World War II
History 180 - Native Americans of the United States
History 185 - African Americans in Postwar Film
Liberal Studies 106 - Urban Education and Multiculturalism
Music 132 - The History of Hip Hop
Political Science 153 - Minority Politics in the U.S.
Political Science 195 - Senior Seminar in Racial & Ethnic Politics
Psychology 189 - African American Psychology
Religious Studies 139 - Mexican Popular Catholicism & Gender
Religious Studies 164 - Religion, Race and Ethnicity in America
Religious Studies 184 - Race and Religion in the United States
Sociology 132 - Social Stratification
Sociology 150 - Immigrant Businesses in the United States
Sociology 153 - Race, Class and Gender in the United States
Sociology 175 - Race and Inequality
Sociology 180 - Immigrant Communities
Spanish 133 - Mexican American Literature
Theatre 161 - American Theatre from the Black Perspective
Theatre 189 - August Wilson Seminar
Women's and Gender Studies 111 - Asian American Women

 3. Ethnic Studies 198/199 - Capstone Seminar in Ethnic Studies

The capstone requirement for Ethnic Studies companion majors involves two courses.
One, the student with an Ethnic Studies companion major must complete successfully a methods requirement in their primary major.
Two, after completing the methods requirement in their primary major, Ethnic Studies companion majors must enroll in the Capstone Seminar in Ethnic Studies (3-5 units): Ethnic Studies 198 (Internship) or Ethnic Studies 199 (Directed Reading/Directed Research).  This second requirement, a community internship, creative project, or directed reading/research in which the student simultaneously works on a research paper or project under the direction of an Ethnic Studies core or affiliated faculty, will provide opportunities for students to apply their understanding of methods in their stand-alone major to a project explicitly in Ethnic Studies.