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The Minor is intended to complement the student's major, broadening their field of study to provide additional options for graduate school and careers. The Minor in Ethnic Studies enhances employment opportunities in business, education, law, social work, and government, and provides a foundation for students who plan to specialize in Ethnic Studies during graduate school.

Course Requirements

The Minor consists of a minimum of twenty-nine (29) quarter units. Students must complete 3 lower-division courses, 3 upper-division courses in an area of specialization, (African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicana/Chicano Studies, or Comparative Ethnic Studies), and the capstone (ETHN 199) to fulfill the requirements of the Minor.

Lower Division requirement:

Students must take Ethnic Studies 05 and two (2) from the following:

10. Intro to Native American Studies
20. Intro to Chicano/a Studies
30. Intro to African American Studies
40. Intro to Asian American Studies

Upper Division requirement:

112. Native Peoples of U.S.& Mexico
120. Mexican Immigration to the U.S.
121. Chicana/Chicano Families
122. Chicana/Chicano Community
123. The Chicana/o Experience
125. Latinas/os in the U.S.
126. Latina/o Immigrant Detention & Incorporation in the Age of Terrorism
134. Black Social Movements
135. African Americans in Postwar Film
141. Asian American Women
142. Asian American Communities
149. Civil Rights and Anti-Colonial Movements
152. Multi-Racial Identities
153. Minority Politics in the U.S.
154. Women of Color in U.S.
155. Racism in the United States
157. Race, Gender, Class & the College Experience
160. Documentary Making for Social Justice
161. Creating Diverse College Going Community
163. Multiracial Community in Central California
178. Race and World War II
185. Senior Seminar in Racial and Ethnic Politics
194. Peer Educator in Ethnic Studies
197. Special Topics

Anthropology 146 - Perspectives on the Spanish & Native American Experience
Art History 141 - Native American Art: California and the Pacific Northwest
Communication 107 - Intercultural Communication
Communication 121A - Diversity and the Media
Dance 162 - African American Dance History II
English 130 - Studies in African American Literature
English 134 - Studies in Contemporary American Literature
English 139 - Dangerous Border Crossers
English 140 - Studies in Chicana/Chicano Literature
English 155 - Studies in Asian American Literature
English 158 - Studies in Native American Literature
English 166 - Pan-African Literature
History 153 - Civil Rights and Anti-Colonial Movements
History 178 - Race and World War II
History 180 - Native Americans of the United States
History 185 - African Americans in Postwar Film
Liberal Studies 106 - Urban Education and Multiculturalism
Music 132 - The History of Hip Hop
Political Science 153 - Minority Politics in the U.S.
Political Science 195 - Senior Seminar in Racial & Ethnic Politics
Psychology 189 - African American Psychology
Religious Studies 139 - Mexican Popular Catholicism & Gender
Religious Studies 164 - Religion, Race and Ethnicity in America
Religious Studies 184 - Race and Religion in the United States
Sociology 132 - Social Stratification
Sociology 150 - Immigrant Businesses in the United States
Sociology 153 - Race, Class and Gender in the United States
Sociology 175 - Race and Inequality
Sociology 180 - Immigrant Communities
Spanish 133 - Mexican American Literature
Theatre 161 - American Theatre from the Black Perspective
Theatre 189 - August Wilson Seminar

Ethnic Studies 199 must be taken during the senior year. This course, which is the culmination of the student's specialized program of study, must be either an integrative paper or a community placement supervised by an Ethnic Studies Department faculty member. It should be taken for a minimum of 2 credit hours and must be approved by the Department Chair prior to registration.

Other requirements:

The Minor should be approved by the Department Chair before completion of twelve (12) quarter units.
Transfer units must be approved by the Department Chair; acceptable units shall not exceed eight (8) quarter units.

Students are required to pass all courses in the Minor with a minimum grade of "C."