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Faculty Updates

Crisis Team

Andrew Ishak examines how firefighters communicate and gain experience while performing a dangerous job.

Leslie Gray

Leslie Gray gave the keynote speech at a workshop organized by the U.N.

Professor Michelle Marvier Publishes New Book

Available through all good bookshops, or direct from Oxford University Press

Paul Schutz

Introducing Prof. Paul Schutz

Read about our new tenure track professor!

Ways of Knowing

Laura Ellingson's new book examines a holistic approach to research.

Tobias Wofford: Studying Africa in African American Art, Smithsonian Style

Tobias Wofford’s fellowship with the Smithsonian supports his book project, Visualizing Diaspora: Africa in African American Art, and allows him to research African American artists from the 1960s through the present.

Frank Farris Creating Symmetry

Creating Symmetry: A Tale of Complex Math and Inventive Wallpaper

Geometry and the making of wallpaper combine for an interesting book by Associate Professor of Math Frank Farris.