Department ofHistory

Arthur F. Liebscher, S.J.

Arthur F. Liebscher, S.J.

Associate Professor


Ph.D. Indiana University, 1975
S.T.M. Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, 1986
M.Div. Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, 1984
A.M. Indiana University, 1971
B.A. Santa Clara University, 1969

Scholarly Focus

Latin American History, concentrating on Argentina and the de la Plata

Political and commercial development of the Argentine littoral, especially Santa Fé Province and the cities of Santa Fé and Rosario

Social and ecclesiastical history of Córdoba

Party-based democracy in Argentina, 1912-1930

Administration and Service

Jesuit Apostolate at Santa Clara

Faculty Director in Residence, Modern Perspectives Residential Learning Community

Collaborator with the University Alumni Association

Chaplain to students and alumni


HIST 8 United States: The 19th Century
HIST 12 Western Civilization: Medieval & Early Modern
HIST 61 Latin American Origins
HIST 62 Modern Latin America
HIST 162 Argentina
HIST 164 Catholic Church in Latin America
HIST 169 Special Topics in Latin America

Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae
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