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David Skinner writes:
During the summer, with Dr. LaRay Denzer, I wrote 120 more essays for the Historical Dictionary of Sierra Leone to be published by Rowman Littlefield.

During the fall, I served as a manuscript reviewer for Rochester University Press for a book written by Alusine Jalloh, Fula Merchants and Politics in Sierra Leone, 1961-1992.

An article I wrote, “States, Conflict and Islam: A Reconsideration of Jihād in the Gambia River Region, 1850-1900”, has been published online by the Program of African Studies, Northwestern University, January 2017: 52 pages.

Naomi Andrews reports that she has been elected and is currently serving as President of the Western Society for French History.

Paul Mariani, S.J., writes:
I had an enjoyable and fruitful research sabbatical. I got to use the archives at the Yale Divinity School. I also sent in two encyclopedia articles and an article that is being reviewed for a journal on religion in China.

I also joined the rugby team in the spring on their trip to Argentina and got to see Pope Francis's old stomping grounds.

Barbara Molony writes:
I published a chapter entitled “Gender and the Politics of Morality in Japan: A Comparison of the Suffrage Movement in the Interwar Era with Feminist Electoral Politics of the 1970s,” in Gender and Citizenship in Historical and Transnational Perspective: Agency, Space, Borders, ed. Anne R. Epstein and Rachel G. Fuchs (London: Palgrave, 2017).

I also gave a paper at the American Historical Association meeting in Denver (January 5-8) entitled “Celebrating Progress and Encountering New Challenges in Japanese Gender History.”

Aaron Willis writes:
I presented a paper in Oxford at the annual conference of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (January 4-6) entitled “Collaboration and Sovereignty in the British Empire: Quebec and the Reformulation of British Imperial Thought.”  My second post at the Canadian history blog Borealia was posted in December, “Legal Pluralism and the Search for Sovereignty in Post-Conquest Quebec.”

Bob Senkewicz writes:
After Thanksgiving Rose Marie Beebe and I were able to spend three days researching at the Beinecke Library at Yale University and another day at the New York Public Library. Research at both repositories concerned a couple of American military officers who served in the California theater during the Mexican war and produced some important drawings and paintings of California and Californians during the end of the Mexican period and the beginning of the American era.

Picture: Bob Senkewicz doing research in the Rare Book Room of the New York Public Library.

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