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Latin American Studies

Courses 2019-2020

ENVS 146: Agriculture, Environment, and Development: Latin America

HIST 95: Modern Latin America (counts as Foundational II)

SPAN 139: Ghosts and the Talking Dead in Latin American Narrative

ETHN 20: Introduction to Chicana/o Studies

ENGL 56: Global Literatures

ETHN 20: Introduction to Chicana/o Studies

HIST 166: Latin America: Empires (counts as Foundational I)

SOCI 150: Immigrant Social Entrepreneurship

SPAN 112EN: Mexican Culture

SPAN 136: Contemporary Latin American Short Story

SPAN 197: The Detective Short Story (Ortigas)

SPAN 146: The Latin American Documentary (Ribas) (counts as Foundational II)

ENGL 156H: Global Literatures

ETHN 122: Chicana/o Communities

ETHN 186: Seminar: Mexican Immigration to the U.S.

HIST 161: Modern Mexico

SOCI 180: Immigrant Communities

SPAN 135: Latin American Colloquium: Mexican Culture

SPAN 197: Narconarratives (Ortigas)

SPAN 197: Border Stories (Ortigas)

TESP 114: Latinx Pentecostal Xtianity