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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

Why Major in a Language?

Daniel Gherardi, Italian Major, Class of 2014
Law School Applicant

Being a student in the Italian department has opened so many doors for my future and has made my experience at SCU the best I could ever have hoped for. The excellent education in the language and culture is certain, but the relationships are rare and just as important. The department is small, which allowed me to really get to know my professors. They are genuinely interested in knowing who we are and what our backgrounds are. Being an Italian major has undoubtedly changed my life for the better, and I cannot imagine my time at SCU without being involved in this department. In the fall of my Junior year, I studied abroad in Rome, Italy. I was determined to use the knowledge my professors had given me and press myself to improve as much as possible. I applied and was given an internship at a small political consulting firm in which only Italian was spoken. I was forced to use my Italian and it was very rewarding. My experience abroad inspired me to pursue a career in International Law.  I hope that with the incomparable instruction I received from the Italian Studies department, and my experiences abroad, I will achieve all of my goals and become an attorney in Italy. I am confident that without being an Italian major I would not be able to achieve these goals.