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World Music: Gamelan Ensemble

The SCU Balinese Gamelan offers students an opportunity to absorb complex musical rhythm, melody, and form in an unconventional learning environment suited to all types of musicians and artists. The gamelan ensemble utilizes a variety of pitched percussion instruments to perform highly ornate and complex musical compositions, ranging from traditional Balinese pieces to contemporary and experimental works by a range of composers. Students learning gamelan music are not required to read music, but rather depend on a strong group focus in order to memorize complex, through composed "orchestral" pieces as a unified ensemble. Each member of the ensemble is responsible for contributing to the total cohesion of the group, therefore learning gamelan music becomes an exercise in maximizing collective intelligence as well as developing individual skills. Open to all students. Fulfills the ensemble requirement for music majors and music minors. (2 units)

Rehearsals: Thursday 7:30pm - 10:00pm 
Course Number: MUSC 52/152

For more information, please contact the Music Dept office.