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Neuroscience Program


Who is eligible?

  • Current SCU students

Why might you want to participate?

  • Interested in attending a Ph.D. program in the future and wish to acquire more research experience.
  • Interested in working in an academic or industry lab after graduation and wish to gain some research experience.

National list of opportunities

Paid undergraduate summer research opportunities in Neuroscience (and other life sciences) - compiled by the Aizenman lab at Brown University

Opportunity Highlights

Due Dates

Allen Institute Summer Internship

Intensive 10 week summer experience in Seattle, WA designed to provide mentorship and research experience for undergraduate and master’s students who are interested in bioscience.

Application opens in Dec. 2021

Stipend and housing provided.

SENS Research Foundation Summer Scholars Program

Offers undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct biomedical research to combat disease of aging, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease. Under the guidance of a scientific mentor, each summer scholar is responsible for his or her own research project in such areas as genetic engineering and stem cell research.

Completed applications due in January 2022.

Stipend available but students need to locate their own housing.
Applications will be available in early December.

Completed applications due in mid-February.

Undergraduate Research Program

Our very own Dr. Laura Cocas is planning on spending her second summer at MBL in 2022 exploring fundamental questions in Neurodevelopment. The undergraduate summer course allows students to have access to the amazing science and resources available at MBL.

Stipend + lodging provided.

Contact Us

Patti Simone, Director

John Birmingham, Assistant Director