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Family Weekend 2017

Family Weekend was a huge success. The College of Arts and Sciences had a number of sessions which drew large attendance and great positive feedback.

There were two faculty presentations on Friday:

Neuroscience: The Major, the Meaning, and the Methods
Patti Simone, Director of Neuroscience 

Neuroscience examines the bidirectional relations between the nervous system and behavior and includes perspectives from a variety of disciplines, including biology, psychology, chemistry, computer science, philosophy, and engineering. Patti Simone, Director of Neuroscience, discussed the importance of the neuroscientific approach to understanding how the brain works and the significance of this new major for Santa Clara students.

Welcome to the Virtual Cave: Virtual Reality Versions of Classic Thought Experiments
Scott LaBarge and Erick Ramirez, Department of Philosophy 

From Plato’s Cave to the Trolley Problem, philosophy has always made heavy use of what we call “thought experiments” to illustrate concepts and make arguments. Virtual Reality technology now makes it possible to let students experience those thought experiments in a more realistic way than ever before. Professors LaBarge and Ramirez gave families a chance to experience this application of Virtual Reality and discussed their plans for this new technology in and out of the classroom.



On Saturday, Dean Debbie Tahmassebi hosted the Research and Creative Expression Forum featuring some of our exceptionally talented students: 

  • Riley O'Connell (English; Communication) and Shelley Valdez (English and Studio Art; Creative Writing, Women and Gender Studies) who talked about the Slam Poets of SCU and shared a poem that Riley wrote for her mother.
  • Grace Zimmerman (Religious Studies; Women and Gender Studies, Creative Writing) talked about her work learning about and supporting NGO work to help girls trafficking in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.
  • Ching Pan (Biochemistry; Anthropology) talked about his polymer research with Professor Eric Tillman.
  • Jessica Andzouana (Computer Science and Studio Art) shared her early passion for animation and the results of some of her recent animation work.
  • Byron Fan (Biology and Music) and current Concertmaster of the Santa Clara University Orchestra performed a beautiful violin piece.
  • Alex McCarty (Art History and Environmental Studies) shared a summary of his published article on the relationship between sculptor Antonio Canova and Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Taylor Groves (Anthropology and Biology; Public Health) shared photographs of her interesting research and field work--both abroad and on campus.
  • Miles Elliott (Philosophy) shared details around his work in the Imaginarium to support the integration of virtual reality into the Philosophy curriculum.