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Family Weekend 2020

The College of Arts and Sciences will present at three Family Weekend sessions.

Two faculty presentations:

Sorting Single Cells for Cancer Research using Microfluidic Devices
Paul Abbyad, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Could a cheap and disposable device diagnose cancer? Microfluidic devices enable the analysis of a chemical or biological sample in a small plastic device or “chip.” Dr. Abbyad will present research in his lab to develop microfluidic devices to sort individual cancer cells based on their metabolism. SCU undergraduates in the lab get hands-on experience in research that bridges chemistry, material science, engineering, optics, and cell biology. The integration of diverse skills is important as students will be entering an increasingly interconnected and interdisciplinary professional work environment.

Shakespeare Technologies, Old and New
Andrew Keener, Assistant Professor, Department of English

What's new in Shakespeare Studies at Santa Clara University? Working at SCU's Imaginarium with Dr. Keener and Professor Brian Beams, Natalie Van Maerssen ('20) has designed a virtual-reality model of a Shakespeare-era playhouse: the Virtual English Renaissance Theater Experience (VERSE). Meanwhile, working on the Santa Clara Early Modern Book Initiative (SCEMBI), Bree Bellati ('20) and Sean Oblak ('21) have been reporting information about books at SCU dating back to the time of the Bard, and in a way that opens new avenues for scholars, teachers, and students around the world.

Dean's Reception:

Featuring the following students:

Major: Anthropology; Minor: Classical Studies

Title: Student Involvement in Santa Clara Community Archaeology

Hometown: Pleasanton, California

Plans: I will be exploring internship options within the museum sector, and hopefully enroll in a graduate program with a focus in museum curation or conservation.

Major: Anthropology; Minors: Economics and Sociology

Title: Student Involvement in Santa Clara Community Archaeology

Hometown: Oakland, California

Plans: Taking a year off to prepare for grad school and get in applications.

Isabel Wu headshot

Majors: Marketing and Studio Art

Title: AdvocaSea: A VR Experience

Hometown: Santa Clara, California

Plans: I am currently a junior so future plan is senior year and I am considering graduate school for either an MBA or MFA.

Major: Biology with an emphasis in Cellular and Molecular Biology; Minor: Biotechnology

Title: Embiopteran Silk Genes: The molecular composition of silk used as armor

Hometown: Roseville, California

Plans: Currently looking for a job in the biotech industry for a few years working as a research scientist. At some point, I will pursue a Ph.D. in either Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, or Immunology.

Majors: Ethnic Studies and Environmental Studies; Minor: Urban Education

Title: Resilient Families: Safe, Secure and Loved

Hometown: Redwood City, California

Plans: SCU Graduate School of Education and Counseling Psychology, ExCEL Program

Maria De La Lima

Majors: Child Studies and Ethnic Studies

Title: Resilient Families: Safe, Secure and Loved

Hometown: San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California

Plans: Aspiring Elementary School Teacher, so my future plans after Santa Clara is to obtain my Master's and Teaching Credential.

Erika Rasmussen

Majors: English and Sociology; Minors: Creative Writing and Spanish

Title: Writing: A Little Bit of Everything

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Plans: I will be moving to New York City to pursue opportunities in journalism and creative writing.

Haley Butler

Major: History; Minor: Women's & Gender Studies

Title: Eleanor Roosevelt, Setting the Stage for the Future

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Plans: I’m applying to internships and jobs currently and am planning on going home and applying to grad school for this fall.

Nick Ellis

Majors: Mechanical Engineering; Minor: History

Title: Historical Perspectives: Undergraduate Journal of History

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Plans: I would like to work with marine robotics at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, MA.

Peter Ferguson

Majors: Computer Science and Engineering

Title: Hydration Automation

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Plans: Graduate School for Computer Engineering

Jesse Mayer

UG Majors: Computer Science and Engineering Physics

Title: Hydration Automation

Hometown: Los Altos, California

Plans: A job in Software Engineering or possibly Ph.D.

Will Tuttle

Majors: Computer Science and Mathematics

Title: Hydration Automation

Hometown: Park City, Utah

Plans: Hopefully employed in IT risk consulting.

Samantha Steinbrecher

Majors: French and Economics; Minor: Management Information Systems

Title: "Oui, oui baguette!”

Hometown: Danville, California

Plans: I intend to work in consulting. I interned with Accenture in summer 2019 and will return in summer 2020. I look forward to building on the foundation I’ve set at SCU by working with different clients, building a national and international network, and solving tough challenges in a constantly evolving world.

Sara Eckles

Majors: Communication and Italian Studies

Title: Cultural Italian American Organization: CIAO!

Hometown: Redwood Shores, California

Plans: I hope to stay in the area and work for an event planning company. If possible, I would also love to work abroad in Italy planning events.

Ursula Roscigno

Majors: Marketing and Italian Studies; Minor: International Business

Title: Cultural Italian American Organization: CIAO!

Hometown: Rome, Italy

Plans: I definitely would like to work in the Bay for a little bit, but I think I would love to return to Rome eventually.

Kimberly Derderian

Major: Neuroscience; Minors: Computer Science and Biotechnology

Title: Category-specific Semantic Cognition Meta-analysis

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Plans: I plan to work in neuroscience research or the biotech industry for a couple years before attending grad school.

Ricky Arnold

Majors: Mechanical Engineering and German

Title: Development and Parameterization of a Bidirectional Comb Laser

Hometown: Los Altos, California

Plans: Pursuing a Masters Degree in Engineering, largely undecided.

Kelly Fradet

Majors: Physics; Minor Philosophy

Title: Development and Parameterization of a Bidirectional Comb Laser

Hometown: Altadena, California

Plans: I plan to work for the Department of Justice.

Aldo Caballero

Major: Psychology; Minor: Computer Science

Title: Looking Away From Other People’s Pain? Predictors and Consequences

Hometown: San Jose, California

Plans: Work in the research in Psychology through academia to eventually pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology.