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Student Profiles

The International Path to SCU

What inspires international students to come to SCU? Environmental science and economics major Mingfei Xiong ’18 shares his experience.

Forging a Path to Neuroscience

Christina Egwim '17 created her own academic journey - an Individual Studies major in neuroscience.

ESS and Biology major Sean Reilly '16 wins Orella Prize

The Orella Prize is given for academic achievement at the college level

Hayley Raquer ’16: The Biology Department’s Case Study in Excellence

Hayley Raquer wants to help make it possible to tailor an individual’s own immune defenses to fight specific diseases through her internship with the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Paris Coyne ‘16: Filmmaker with a Cause

A family legacy, travels to Mexico and Uganda, and impactful professors make Paris Coyne ’16 want to make films that make a difference.

Óscar Quiroz-Medrano ’17: Agent for Change

Óscar Quiroz-Medrano wants all children of color who visit campus to see someone who looks like them going to school here so they can see it as an option for themselves.

Jake Lans ’16: Writing and Editing His Future in Publishing

During Jake Lans’ two years as editor-in- chief of the Santa Clara Review, he also created a twenty-first- century journal for the campus and leaves with clear plans for its growth.