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Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries

Program History and Mission

The Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries prepares women and men to enter professional ministries in Church and society.  The Program offers a Master of Arts degree in four areas of emphasis:  Catechetics, Liturgical Music, Pastoral Liturgy, and Spirituality.
Each degree emphasis shares five major goals:

  1. Leaders:  Educate competent leaders dedicated to serving the Church and to creating community in parish and other pastoral settings.
  2. Diverse Church:  Prepare ministry professionals to function effectively in a diverse global ecclesial environment.
  3. Justice Vision:  Educate students in the Catholic and Jesuit vision of an informed faith that promotes social justice for the common
  4. Theological Depth:  Students will gain breadth of knowledge in key areas of foundational theological study relevant to Christian ministry by taking one course each in six foundational areas, namely Fundamental Theology, Christology, Ecclesiology, Ethics, Hebrew Bible, and The New Testament.
  5. Ministry Understanding and Skills:  Students gain pastoral skills, ministry knowledge, and liturgical fluencies in at least one key field of ministry studies relevant to Christian ministry.

Students and graduates of the Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries serve in parishes, education, diocesan offices, and non-profits in a variety of roles such as:

The Program offers courses during the academic year as well summer sessions from late-June through the end of July. The student body is richly comprised of Roman Catholics and Protestants, international students, laity, as well as priests and religious.

Our goal is to prepare women and men to be compassionate and competent professionals working to transform lives, schools, and communities.

We encourage you to explore the many opportunities offered by the Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries by clicking here.

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