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Department ofPhilosophy

Luis Cheng-Guajardo

Luis Cheng-Guajardo


Ph.D., Stanford University, 2013

Luis Cheng-Guajardo’s research interests are in the philosophy of action, moral theory, and moral psychology, and is generally centered on the various relations between normative demands and autonomous agency. His recent publication, “Responsibility Unincorporated: Corporate Agency and Moral Responsibility” (2019) focuses on the nature and reality of corporate agency, morally responsible agency, and a way of delimiting membership in the moral community. He is currently working on responsible agency under varying conceptions of responsibility, and on accounting for a proper delimitation of the moral community. In 2019 he received certification in Effective Instruction from the Association of College and University Educators and from the American Council on Education

Luis Cheng-Guajardo - Lecturer