Department ofPhysics

Physics Major with Physics Track

Requirements for the Major

In addition to fulfilling University Core Curriculum requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, students must complete the following departmental requirements:

Major in Physics

Physics Track

  • PHYS 112, 120, 121, 122, 151
  • One elective chosen from CSCI 10, COEN 10, COEN 44, COEN 45, CHEM 12
  • Three upper-division electives, at least one being a laboratory course (L), chosen from PHYS 104, 113(L), 116, 123(L), 161, 162, 171

Advanced writing satisfied by PHYS 151 (elective for EP)
STS satisfied by combination of PHYS 103 & PHYS 192

Detailed curriculum requirements for the Physics Major with Physics Track.
Physics course descriptions.