Department ofPhysics


Feb 9: Transport Phenomena and the Chiral Anomaly in Weyl Semimetals

Monday, February 9, 4-5 PM, Daly Science 206

Transport Phenomena and the Chiral Anomaly in Weyl Semimetals

Pavan Hosur
Stanford University

Weyl semimetals (WSMs) are a new gapless topological phase of matter, in contrast to topological insulators, which are gapped. They are essentially 3D analogs of graphene; however, unlike graphene, they are a topologically stable phase and cannot be destroyed by point group symmetry breaking perturbations. The Weyl nodes are endowed with a handedness or "chirality", and exhibit a violation of chiral charge conservation in an E.B electromagnetic field known as the Chiral Anomaly. In this talk, I will discuss various transport properties of WSMs and describe a proposal to probe the chiral anomaly via optical transmission experiments. I will also touch upon surface transport in this phase. WSMs have exotic surface states known as Fermi arcs which are essentially disjoint segments of a 2D Fermi surface. A toy model to understand these states will be presented and predictions for Friedel oscillations due to a surface impurity in candidate WSMs will be made.

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