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Department ofPolitical Science

Global Studies and Service

Political Science is a natural major for students interested in study abroad and global engagement. For the past one hundred years, Political Science has been at the forefront of the study of International Relations (diplomacy, peace and conflict resolution, human rights) and Comparative Politics (domestic political institutions, participation, and social change in nations around the globe). Today, global engagement for Santa Clara Political Science students includes traditional study at over one hundred universities and institutes worldwide, internships with government and non-governmental political action organizations, and hands-on immersion with topics ranging from environmental policy in Africa to human rights in El Salvador. A small sample of current programs includes:

SCU Operated

  Costa Rica – La Suerte Summer
  El Salvador – Casa de la Soldaridad (suspended)
  London – SCU Fall, Winter
  Rome – Rome, Winter
  Spain, Barcelona Fall only, (no Political Science in winter)


  Chile – Santiago, Hurtado
  France – Lille
  Japan – Tokyo, Sophia University
  Spain - Duesto
  Sweden – Lund


  Argentina – IES Buenos Aires
  Australia – Canberra Internships
  Australia – Rainforest Studies, SFS (Environmental Studies/Science double major only)*
  China – Beijing,
  Denmark - Copenhagen
  European Union, Freiburg, IES
  France – Paris,
  Ghana – Legon, CIEE
  Ireland – Dublin, Arcadia Internships
  Israel – Boston University
  Jordan – CIEE
  Jordan – FIE Summer
  Poland – Warsaw, CIEE
  Spain – Madrid, IES (Spanish double major or minor)*
  South Africa –Cape Town, CIEE
  Thailand – Khon Kaen, CIEE (excellent program in development)
  Turkey – Arcadia
  U.K., Scotland – Edinburgh, Arcadia
  Vietnam – CIEE

  Brazil – Rio, IES
  England – London, London School of Economics, Arcadia
  England – Oxford University, Arcadia
  Switzerland – Geneva, Boston


The Political Science Department works closely with International Programs Office and the Kolvenbach Solidarity Center to provide a wide range of global opportunities. These activities meet major and core requirements, while maintaining the high academic standards of Santa Clara University. Students taking part in approved study abroad programs may use virtually all of their Santa Clara scholarships and financial aid. Students should begin planning for an overseas experience early in their studies.Start by consulting the International Programs website or Professor Dennis Gordon, the Political Science Department’s study abroad advisor.