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Department ofPolitical Science

Political Science Honors Program

The Department of Political Science Honors Program is intended to help students prepare for graduate study and facilitate their participation in the intellectual life of the department and the student community. Applications to the program will be made available to any political science major who is not a senior and who has completed at least two of the lower-division sequence of courses with a GPA of 3.0 or better. Transfer students may be considered on the basis of comparable courses taken at other institutions. A maximum of fifteen students per graduating cohort will be admitted. 

Program Requirements

All requirements for the political science major must be fulfilled. Additionally, each honors student will:

  • Complete a Senior Thesis.
  • Complete one of the following three supplemental curriculum requirements: a) a minor or a second major; b) Economics 1 and 2; c) Language 21 and 22.
  • Take an upper-division lecture course in all five subfields: U.S., Comparative, IR, Political Philosophy, and AQM.
  • Submit a 2-3 page Senior Activity Report by the end of the senior year.
  • Take a highly active role in the affairs of the department.

To apply, please submit your Honors Program Application to Professor Minowitz (