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Department ofPsychology

Awards and Honors

About Psi Chi Honor Society

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology. Psi Chi, which was founded in 1929, exists to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship, and to advance the science of psychology.

Student Awards

Departmental Student Awards for 2017-2018

2018 senior awards

For outstanding academic achievement, there were three awardees:

Michelle Heckert

“An outstanding student in class and out. Thoughtful and active and a great writer. Friendly, and smart as a whip…”

Charles (Charlie) Manning

An engaged learner who asks the most thoughtful questions, a deep thinker, eager to understand the material on a level well beyond…”

Melissa (Mimi) Yee

“Genuinely interested in understanding, she’s a very attentive, clear thinker and writer. This student always goes the extra mile in classes…”

For outstanding research achievement, there were two awardees:

Jessica McFadden

Jess has been involved in the Learning and Memory Lab with Drs. Whitfield, Simone and Bell as a collaborator on a study examining whether reading a chapter once, twice or reading two different but similar chapters improves recall. She presented this work at the Sigma Xi Science Honor society poster session last quarter. Her full engagement resulted in her becoming lead of a research team collecting data for a follow up study she designed examining the role of human vs computer feedback in recall.

Christy McCollum

Christy has lead a team in Dr. Read's lab working on a project investigating how shared reading with young children can actually benefit the adult reader as well as the child. Her research project bridges early child development, cognitive, and emotion research, and has shown that even for introductory psychology students, reading storybooks with a 5-year-old can positively boost their mood. Christy has presented this research at the Sigma Xi Science Honor society poster session, at the Santa Clara College of Arts and Sciences Showcase, and at the Association for Psychological Science meeting in San Francisco. Christy is described by her professors and peers as a deeply curious and dedicated researcher, who asks great questions and digs for answers. She is also as compassionate as she is competent and is invested in making sure her work leads to real good in the world.

And, this year’s highest psychology honor, the Willem Wundt Award given to graduating senior who most excels in academics, research and service to others was presented to:

Anna McCreadie

An amazing student who masters the material quickly, participates readily in discussion. She is described as “an absolute delight” and a “fabulous student” but she is also just a really warm person. She has worked with Dr. Plante for two years on the development of an ethics scale.  They have one paper in submission, and another on the way, and she will present a paper The Santa Clara Ethics Scale: A New Instrument to Measure Ethics among College Students and Beyond as lead author with Dr. Plante at the 126st annual meeting of the American Psychological Association this August.


Student Awards

Departmental Student Awards for 2016-2017
Wilhelm Wundt Award Meghan Carlsen : Award for excellence in academics, research & service.
Research Award Megan Pearson and Makeda Adisu: Award for outstanding service to the Psychology Department
Service Award Kiki Bartel: Award for outstanding service to the Psychology Department Service Award
Departmental awards for the senior students in May 2016:

Faculty Awards

Many of our department's professors receive awards. Below is a list of just a few notable awards that our current faculty and staff have received.

  • Dean's Service Award: Patti Simone, Psychology (2017)
  • Award for Service as Faculty Senate President: Bob Numan (2015-16)
  • Award for Sustained Excellence in Scholarship, SCU: Kieran Sullivan (2014)
  • Bernard Hubbard, S.J., Creative Collaboration Award, College of Arts and Sciences, SCU: Psychology Department (2008-09)
  • Brutocao Award for Teaching Excellence: Patti Simone (2014)
  • College of Arts and Sciences Public Intellectual Award: Thomas Plante (2013)
  • Joseph Bayma Award for Scholarship, College of Arts and Sciences, SCU: Bob Numan (2005)
  • Nancy Keil Service Excellence Award, SCU: Lisa Osteraas (2015-16)
  • Phi Beta Kappa Northern California Teaching Award: Patti Simone (2014)
  • President’s Faculty Recognition Award, SCU: Patti Simone (2008)
  • President's Faculty Recognition Award, SCU: Thomas Plante (2001)
  • Recent Achievement in Scholarship Award, SCU: Thomas Plante (2005)
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