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Department ofPsychology

Sleeping and Dreaming Lab

PI: Tracey Kahan

Tracey Kahan

In my lab, we use the tools of cognitive neuroscience (electrophysiology) and experimental phenomenology to investigate cognition and emotion in waking and dreaming. Our theoretical focus is on dreaming as a set of cognitive skills which can be cultivated and, in so doing, individuals can benefit the quality of their dream and wake lives.

I will be accepting new research apprentices in Spring, 2017. Minimal prerequisites are completion of Research Methods and a genuine interest in the scientific discovery process. Ideally, you would have completed or be enrolled in Psyc 135: Psychology of Sleep and Dreaming (offered both Winter and Spring, 2017). A minimum 2- quarter commitment is requested; a full year commitment is ideal.

If you are interested in working in my lab, please complete an application here