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Public Health Program


Global Health Pathway

Citizens of wealthy nations enjoy substantially better health, than citizens of the poorer nations of the world, which sadly encompasses most of the world’s population. This pathway explores human health and the biological, environmental, psychological, and social factors that impact it, with particular attention paid to global issues. Courses included in this pathway will deal with topics such as infectious diseases, chronic diseases, health care, mental health, pollution and environmental degradation, agriculture and nutrition, and poverty and social inequalities that affect human well-being. All courses included in this pathway will include discussion of the social context of health issues, and issues germane to resource-poor regions of the world.


ANTH 133 Human Nutrition and Culture

ANTH 140 Food, Culture, and the Environment

ANTH 134 Health, Disease, and Culture

BIOL 2  Human Health and Disease

BIOL 5 Endangered Ecosystems

BIOL 28 Human Sexuality

BIOL 111 Parasitology

BIOL 113 Microbiology

BIOL 127 Drugs and Toxins

BIOL 131 Agroecology

BIOL 145 Virology

BIOL 158 Biology of Insects

BIOL 179 Cancer

CHEM 1 Chemistry and the Environment

CHEM 2 Chemistry in the Modern World

COMM 164 Race, Gender, and Health

ECON 101 Resources, Food, and the Environment

ECON 160 Economics of Poverty and Development

ENVS 11 Introduction to Environmental Science

ENVS 12 Introduction to Environmental Studies

ENVS 146 Agriculture, Environment, and Development: Latin America

ENVS 147 International Environment and Development

HIST 106 Global History of Foods, Drugs, and Medicines

PHSC 100 Epidemiology

PHSC 102 Nutrition

POLI 50 World Geography

PSYC 117 Health Psychology

PSYC 167 Psychopharmacology

SOCI 134 Globalization and Inequality

SOCI 138 Demography – Population and Resources

SOCI 172 Management of Health Care Organizations

TESP 46 Faith, Justice, and Poverty

TESP 62 Medical Ethics in Christian Perspective

TESP 173 Religion, Science, and the Environment

TESP 170 Religion, Gender, and Globalization


Study Abroad Courses

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Valeriote Goldman Symposium: Public Health & Social Justice