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Why Minor

Meghan Carlsen:

“I became a religious study minor because the things I learned in my first required religion course (TESP 4: The Christian Tradition) were both interesting and personally relatable. I wanted to learn about my own faith and others’ faiths in an academic setting because it is one subject that you learn about that has a real personal effect on your everyday life and worldview. I felt like the ability to open up my perspective to see and empathize with the inner lives and beliefs of others, as well as the ability to further understand and articulate my own spiritual beliefs, would help me to better relate to the world and the variety of people I will encounter in it throughout my life.”


Taylor Ferdinandsen:

“I decided to become a Religious Studies minor because I grew up in a very secular school and household; once I came to SCU and began to learn about religion, it was so fascinating. It was a subject I knew next-to-nothing about that I immediately fell in love with. I also have found that what I learn in my religion classes always end up relating to and enhancing my learning in other classes.”


Blair Libby:

“Minoring in Religious Studies has allowed me to gain greater perspective on issues that are pertinent to my own spirituality, as well as the society I live in. As an Environmental Science major, I’ve found that my understanding of ecology has been aided by my knowledge in different faiths, particularly in how those groups interact with their natural surroundings. My education in this department has contributed to my career path, my personal ethics, and how I perceive the world around me.”


Jenna Lipman:

“After taking my first religion course during the fall of my first year I discovered a curiosity and desire to learn more. I thus picked up a religious studies minor and what I have gotten over the past four years of religious courses at SCU is more than I could have imagined. The department is vast and diverse, the courses offered never cease to challenge me to rethink my world view or understand a new perspective, and the professors show a passion and commitment for what they do that is a daily inspiration to students.”


Sophia Lyon:

“Including religious studies as my major gave me the chance to delve deeper into different cultural perspectives and understand why people believe in their faiths, and how they carry those beliefs into everyday life. The classes offered me the chance to diversify my curriculum and take eye-opening classes with professors who have become some of my favorites at Santa Clara.”

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