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Department ofReligious Studies

Denise Carmody

Denise Lardner Carmody
Professor Emerita

Dr. Carmody was born in Baltimore, MD. She received an A.B. at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland (1958), and an M.A. at Boston College (1966). She had loved philosophy as an undergrad; in particular, questions about epistemology (how people know) led to an abiding interest in comparative religious studies. She pursued that interest by earning a Ph.D. in the philosophy of religion from Boston College in 1970. Denise has published over sixty books, including the 7th edition to Ways to the Center. Her research interests are Roman Catholicism and world religions. She retired in June, 2012.


Ways to the Center, 6th ed. Thomson/Wadsworth An Ideal Church. Paulist Press Serene Compassion: A Christian Appreciation of Buddhism. Oxford University Press

Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae