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This quarter Kristin Heyer published “Immigration and ‘Family Values’: A Postconciliar Moral Assessment,” in Erin Brigham, ed., Signs of the Times (Lexington, 2014), which also features a chapter by JST Dean Thomas Massaro, and she created “A Catholic Ethic of Immigration,” Catholic Comments Podcast (Creighton University). She delivered Seattle University's Catholic Heritage Lecture on the church as a field hospital at the border(s) and a keynote address for Notre Dame's conference celebrating 50 Years of Gaudium et Spes: “‘An Echo in their Hearts’: The Church in Our Modern World." She also joined David DeCosse of the Markkula Center and Bill O'Neill of JST on a panel at Stanford sponsored by its Catholic community: “The Faith That Does Justice: Symposium in Response to the Heyns Lecture Delivered by Cardinal Reinhard Marx."

Sally Vance-Trembath wrote an Op-Ed piece for the San Francisco Chronicle pertaining to a San Francisco pastor’s recent decision to restrict altar serving to boys only. She was also a guest on “The O’Reilly Factor," speaking about the role of religion in the struggle with the ISIS. In addition, she will be co-directing the on-campus Lenten Retreat: “From Ashes to Easter,” happening March 15, for the Alumni Association in conjunction with Fr. Jack Treacy. On March 16, Vance-Trembath was a panelist on KALW's "City Visions" program, which was titled "Can Bay Area Catholics and Archbishop Cordileone Find Common Ground?”

On February 19, Oliver Putz gave a public lecture at the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS) in Berkeley. He spoke on the possibility of nonhuman transcendental awareness and of the possibility that some animals are in a species-specific personal relationship with God.

David Pinault's article "Endangered Indonesia" appeared in the November 24, 2014 issue of the Jesuit magazine, America. Pinault also wrote an Op-Ed for the Wall Street Journal, entitled "The Allure of the Islamic State Vandal," which explores the complex confluence of the destruction of antiquities and the chanting of the Quran in an jihadist recruitment video.

In October, Jean Molesky-Poz spoke on Truthful Witnesses: The Prophetic Jesus, the Prophetic Church at the Newman Forum in Berkeley. She continues to co-organize, Women in Conversation, a bi-monthly meeting of sixty Catholic women at Holy Spirit Parish and sponsored Mary Waskowiak, RSM, former President of LCWR and of the Sisters of Mercy in the Americas in February. Her chapter, “The Chancery,” has been accepted for publication in the anthology, Unruly Catholic Women, SUNY Press. In mid-February, she attended The Future of the Catholic Literary Imagination Conference at USC, and is continuing to work on her book tentatively entitled, Maya Days.

During Spring Quarter, David DeCosse will be working on his book, Catholicism, Inequality, Freedom: An Essay in Theological Ethics, along with writing an essay called “Faithful Citizenship.” The essay compares the views of conscience of Pope Francis and is also a volume on the work of theologian and bishop Robert McElroy, who was recently appointed bishop of San Diego. Lastly, he is leading a class on "Conscience, the Church, and Pope Francis" during the Easter Season at Holy Cross Church in Santa Cruz, CA.

On January 20, 2015, Ana María Pineda, RSM was invited to attend a Eucharistic celebration and luncheon hosted by Bishop McGrath of the Diocese of San Jose for Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras. On January 31, 2015, Pineda attended a board meeting of Crispaz (Christians for Peace), a faith-based organization dedicated to building bridges of solidarity between the Church of the poor and marginalized communities in the US and other countries through mutual accompaniment. During the weekend of February 7-8, 2015, Pineda gave a workshop on the History of U.S. Hispanic Theology in the Diocese of Reno to Spanish-speaking lay ministers. On February 9, 2015, Ana María Pineda, RSM and her SCU colleague Juan Velasco presented “A Legacy of Love and Justice” at SCU commemorating the 35th anniversary of the death of Archbishop Romero and the 38th anniversary of the death of Rutilio Grande, S.J. (see story on pg. 1).

Paul Crowley, S.J. published an article in Theological Studies (March 2015) entitled, "Mystagogy and Mission: The Challenge of Nonbelief and the Task of Theology." In addition, Crowley is working on an event for April 29th, with the Religious Studies Department, along with the Jesuit School of Theology and the Catholic Community at Stanford. The event is cohosting Dr. Ursula King, who will be delivering a lecture on Teilhard de Chardin, marking the 70th anniversary of Teilhard’s death. The tentative title for the lecture is "Searching for an Evolutionary Spirituality and New Mysticism in a Global World: A Dialogue with Teilhard de Chardin,” which will include some attention to the implications of his thought for interreligious dialogue.

Teresia Hinga has published a chapter entitled, "Of Empty Granaries, Stolen Harvests and the Weapon of Grain: Applied Ethics in Search of Sustainable Food Security," in a volume edited by Christiana Peppard and Andrea Vicini, S.J. The title of the volume is Just Sustainability: Ecology Technology and Resource Extraction (Orbis Books, March 2015). In addition, in January 2015, Hinga attended a conference in Tantur, Jerusalem organized by the Theology Department of Notre Dame University, where she participated in a panel alongside Cardinal John of Abuja giving African perspectives on Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue today.

Maria Socorro Castaneda-Liles was the subject of a feature story in the March 2015 issue of Visions. In addition, she and her husband Josef Castaneda-Liles (University Relations) were profiled in a story in Latina Lista about their upcoming book on successful Latinos who were originally undocumented Americans.

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