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Department ofWomen's and Gender Studies

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Laura L. Ellingson

Patrick A. Donohoe, S.J. Professor

B.A. in English, University of Vermont, 1991

M.A. in Writing, University of New Hampshire, 1992

M.A. in Communication, Northern Illinois University, 1997

Ph.D. in Communication, University of South Florida, 2001

Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies, University of South Florida, 2001

Laura Ellingson's research focuses on gender in extended families, feminist and qualitative methodologies, and interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork in health care organizations.She also publishes extensively in the field of qualitative methodology, on topics such as ethnography, embodiment, and envisioning a continuum approach to social science methodologies. Currently, Laura is collaborating with Photographer and Visual Artist Renee Billingslea, SCU Art & Art History Dept., and SCU alumna Kristian Borofka, on a project exploring communication in the lives of long-term cancer survivors, entitled "Voicing Survivorship." A website highlighting the "photovoice" phase of the project shares participants' photos, their thoughts and stories, and information on survivorship. Laura also is the author of Communicating in the Clinic:  Negotiating Frontstage and Backstage Teamwork (2005, Hampton) and Engaging Crystallization in Qualitative Research (2009, Sage), and co-author with Patty Sotirin ofAunting: Cultural Practices that Sustain Family and Community Life (2010, Baylor University Press) and Where the Aunts Are: Family, Feminism, and Kinship in Popular Culture (2013, Baylor University Press). 

  • Feminist Methods (COMM 111G)
  • Qualitative Methods (COMM 111)
  • Communication & Gender (COMM 108A)
  • Gender, Health, & Sexuality (COMM 106A)
  • Vocation & Gender (COMM 101A)
  • Senior Thesis (COMM 112), topics including Gender & Family Communication
Victor B. and Julia Botto Vari Hall 212
Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae