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Associated Student Government of Santa Clara

This code is the product of a yearlong process of engagement with SCU student leaders conducted by Hackworth Fellow and Chief Justice of the judicial branch of the student government Daniel Solomon. Solomon also developed a how-to guide for creating a similar student government code.

The Associated Student Government of Santa Clara University (ASGSCU), hereinafter referred to as ASG and the Organization, is the official body representing undergraduate students' diverse issues, concerns, and needs at Santa Clara University. We involve students in a productive partnership in governance of the University, promote the internal welfare and unity of the student community, further the goals of our Jesuit University, and respond to the challenges of our society. To these ends, ASG has adopted this Code of Ethics and Values (hereinafter referred to as our Code) to (1) live out the mission espoused in our Constitution; (2) and establish basic standards of ethical behavior for personal and professional life. Every ASG representative is a signatory to the Code, which symbolizes a united pledge to abide by the Code's spirit and principles. The ten values enumerated in this Code represent ten equally-significant guiding ideals of the Organization, and representatives hold themselves and each other accountable for adherence. Importantly, it is our Code-developed by ASG representatives to meet the specific needs of the Organization.

Behavioral Standards and Values
1. As an ASG Representative, I value Honesty.
In practice, this value looks like:
  1. I express my genuine opinion on issues even if my view is unpopular.
  2. I only make promises that I genuinely believe I can keep.
  3. I disclose to the Parliamentarian my affiliations with any organization that is under the purview of ASG, or with any friends or groups that have substantial business with ASG.
  4. I abstain or recuse myself from the decision-making process in all situations in which the Parliamentarian has determined a conflict of interest, or when I believe that I cannot exercise impartial judgment.
2. As an ASG Representative, I value Fairness.
In practice, this value looks like:
  1. I seek out diverse ideas/opinions and reserve judgment until I have all of the relevant information.
  2. I treat all viewpoints with respect, even if I do not personally agree with them.
  3. I only take credit for work that I have done and acknowledge everyone who assists me in accomplishing tasks.
  4. I observe the established procedures detailed in the Constitution and Bylaws and demonstrate transparency in my decision-making process.
3. As an ASG Representative, I value Flexibility.
In practice, this value looks like
  1. I am willing to re-evaluate a prior decision in light of unforeseen circumstances in order to uphold the fundamental mission of ASG.
  2. I adapt my communication style to the situation, and to accommodate the concerns of persons involved.
4. As an ASG Representative, I value Responsibility.
In practice, this value looks like:
  1. I seek to maintain integrity in both my public and private life.
  2. I can clearly articulate how my decision will advance the Organization's core values.
  3. I use ASG materials and resources solely for ASG-related activities.
  4. I take ownership for the decisions I make or fail to make, the actions I take or fail to take, and the consequences that result.
  5. I protect confidential information that has been entrusted to me.
5. As an ASG Representative, I value Communication.
In practice, this value looks like:
  1. I clearly convey messages and relay necessary information to fellow representatives as soon as possible.
  2. I ask clarifying questions if I disagree or do not understand.
  3. I actively seek feedback from a diverse range of students and promote the mission and goals of the Organization.
  4. I only act on behalf of ASG or SCU when I am authorized specifically to do so.
6. As an ASG Representative, I value Responsiveness.
In practice, this value looks like:
  1. I am available to all students and fellow representatives and keep them informed on ASG projects and events.
  2. I am ready to respond in a direct and respectful manner to issues that implicate the well-being, justice, and unity of our community.
7. As an ASG Representative, I value Collaboration.
In practice, this value looks like:
  1. I seek to work with others and divide responsibilities on tasks.
  2. I encourage new ideas and share all relevant information with others.
  3. I strive to reach a consensus that best serves the SCU community.
8. As an ASG Representative, I value Commitment.
In practice, this value looks like:
  1. I continue to pursue worthy goals, regardless of their difficulty.
  2. I have a clear set of objectives, a general time-frame for accomplishment, and am willing to see difficult projects through to their completion.
  3. I make every effort to recommend potential services when I am unable to fulfill a request.
9. As an ASG Representative, I value Professionalism.
In practice, this value looks like:
  1. I prepare for meetings by reading the necessary materials and arriving on-time.
  2. I make guests at meetings feel welcome, and devote my full attention to their presentations.
  3. I speak respectfully, without profanity or sarcasm.
  4. I conduct mys
  5. I approach directly those persons with whom I have a conflict or disagreement.
10. As an ASG Representative, I value Service.
In practice, this value looks like:
  1. I make a concerted effort to assist my peers in any capacity.
  2. I focus on the needs of the greater student body before considering my personal interests.
  3. I understand my role as an ASG representative as service to the values articulated in our Constitution.
Jun 1, 2010