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Santa Clara University Student-Athlete Statement

Athlete Statement Of Values

Sara Overmier

This statement was developed by the SCU Athletics Department in conjunction with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics as a project of 2006-07 Hackworth Fellow Sara Overmier, SCU '07 and a pitcher/outfielder on the SCU softball team.


Santa Clara University’s student-athletes will strive to achieve in the classroom, excel in athletic competition and serve in the community. We will realize this vision by embracing an educational environment and overall undergraduate experience that, consistent with Jesuit tradition, emphasize the development of the whole person. Our fulfillment of this vision will be made evident by a constant effort to elevate GPAs and graduation rates while adhering to principles of academic integrity; by achieving success in athletic competition; and by the recognition of Santa Clara’s student-athletes as men and women of competence, conscience and compassion.


As Santa Clara student-athletes, we seek to excel as students, athletes and members of a larger society. We believe that participation in intercollegiate athletics, which is important for its own sake, also helps us become better students, leaders and persons of character who will contribute to our global society.

As students, we are aware of the numerous responsibilities we face inside and outside of the classroom. With our education as our top priority, we will exhibit forethought in our preparation and time management skills in our execution. Our participation in intercollegiate athletics helps forge these traits.

As athletes, we will always strive to be victorious, but we will never compromise our integrity in the course of our pursuits. Our successes will come with honor and our failures will come with dignity and a commitment to improve. We are confident that our commitment to integrity is compatible with success in athletic competition.

We strive to create and maintain a community and a culture that exhibits our commitment to one another, to our respective teams, to Santa Clara’s Athletic Department and to Santa Clara University. As a family, we strive to challenge one another to develop more fully our academic and athletic abilities while strengthening our commitment to community involvement and social justice.

We will embrace and further the University’s Mission through our participation in intercollegiate athletics and via our representation of Santa Clara University as student-athletes. We aim to apply the 3 C’s to our experience as student-athletes:

Competence: Perform to the best of our abilities in the classroom. Become students of the game in practice and competition. Employ the work ethic that is required to develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel in any endeavor.
Conscience: Hold ourselves and our teammates to the highest standards of sportsmanship and accountability. Respect ourselves, teammates, coaches, opponents, game officials and the game itself.
Compassion: Support our teammates on and off the field. Embrace the differences within our teams as a key strength of our community. Honor the efforts of our opponents. Share our talents and athletic passion with others.

As members of a global society, we will make the most of our time at Santa Clara University in order to apply what we learn in school and athletic competition to make a better world.

Fundamental Values of SCU Student-Athletes

BRONCO PRIDE: In the classroom, in athletic competition and in the community, as Santa Clara’s student-athletes, we will serve as ambassadors of our teams, our school and the traditions that reflect the values of Santa Clara University.

RESPONSIBILITY: Make decisions and take ownership for our actions on and off the field, being aware of their impact on ourselves and others.

OUTSTANDING SPORTSMANSHIP: Victories and accomplishments will be attained with a strict adherence to the principles of sportsmanship, integrity and respect for the game.

NEVER QUIT: Perseverance, resilience under pressure, and adaptability in the face of adversity are characteristics of being a Bronco.

COMPETITIVE: Dedicated to planning to achieve individual and team goals and then trusting that this preparation, along with our instincts, will lead to success in athletic competition.

OPPORTUNITY: Being a student-athlete at Santa Clara University is an honor that we do not take lightly. We will treasure our time as Broncos, and try to give back as much as we receive from our involvement.

SELFLESSNESS: Serving teammates, classmates and society in the Jesuit tradition of being men and women for others.

Jun 1, 2007