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Kourosh Pahlavan

Kourosh Pahlavan
Professor of Practice, Mechanical Engineering

Kourosh Pahlavan is well-versed in diverse disciplines of engineering and art with a focus on wireless hi-tech Product Development.
He studied architecture Mechanical Engineering followed by a Master's degree in Mechatronics and earned a PhD in Computer Science specializing in Robot Vision, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. As a research professor at KTH Royah Institute of Technology, Kourosh developed a number of advanced robots including seeing mobile autonomous robots using Computer Vision, Autonomous Navigation and AI. He founded the robotics activity at KTH and held its first course in Robotics in 1995.
In 1997, Kourosh joined Ericsson, and started a design group and developed Tifon, one of the very first smart phones with today's definition, offering user interaction mechanisms and interfaces yet to appear in current smart phones. In 1999 he helped start Ericsson's Berkeley office and Red Jade Inc., a Palo Alto startup in wireless gaming funded jointly by Ericsson and a VC.
Later, Kourosh joined Inter-4 in San Francisco as its CTO. Inter-4 developed a rugged military handheld wireless PDA with unmatched performance and agility. Inter-4 was acquired by SNC.
At this time, he started his own product design and licensing activities, mostly around hi-tech toys and consumer products, but also Ultra Wideband (UWB) radio with focus on extremely low power, location determination and Internet of Things (IoT). This work resulted in his next startup, TagArray, Inc., that developed a family of chips, software and solutions for tracking items at long distance for pennies! TagArray was acquired by Maxim Integrated in 2013 and he joined Maxim to transfer the technology. Kourosh is currently focused on prototype and IP development with an emphasis on flying (drones) and crawling robolts.