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Idea School

Registration for the Fall quarter

will open in September 2022

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Idea School 

The Bronco Venture Accelerator's Idea School is a free, fun, informative program that meets once a week over six weeks and provides you with the tools to take your business idea or inspiration and turn it into a business. This program is interdisciplinary and open to anyone in the Santa Clara University community, including graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Idea School is about what happens before you start developing your product, before you incorporate, maybe even before you choose a name. All you need to have is your idea! Review our Idea School Fall 2021 Curriculum.


You just need to fill out an application and answer a few questions. Attend the six online sessions on Thursdays.

No, Idea School is completely free.


Your business plan should enable you to start developing your concept further and attracting more team members to your vision. You can go from Idea School to BVA’s more advanced Prep School in the spring. Prep School gets your team ready to apply into an accelerator program with funding, such as the Bronco Venture Accelerator, Y Combinator, or 500 Startups.


While Idea School is designed for first-time founders and very early-stage businesses, later-stage businesses are welcome to attend as well. The principles and sessions are valuable for any founder.


Idea School takes place every Fall and Spring quarter. Be on the lookout for application dates!

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